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13 th century complex

Introduction In the 13th century, Mongolia was united by a single man who is known as Chinggis Khan, and controlled the vast area of Asia and Europe under one roof. Chinggis Khan also broug...

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The 10 Most Beautiful Spots In Mongolia

Mongolia may not be on the top of everyone’s list of must-visit places, but it really should be. The Asian country is a unique, diverse land with many beautiful places to discover and explore...

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How to get to Mongolia? •    By air The international...

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Paleontologists Uncover A Nest Of Baby Dinosaurs In Mongolia's 'Dragon's Tomb'

A rare nest of baby giant hadrosaurs has been discovered by paleontologists i...

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Science proves that travel is the secret to happiness

The science is in, and the experts agree: you should spend all of your mo...

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TIPS for visiting Mongolia

1. Trust your driver. Although there are no maps/gps/road signs/roads availab...

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