100,000 Tree Campaign

Our company has initiated a campaign called “100 tree” by planting trees as an environmental protection and to increase forest volume.

Campaign mission:

  • To maintain ecological balance of the area of Chinnggis Khaan statue complex.
  • To improve the appearance of landscapes around the complex
  • To encourage state policies on environmental preservation
  • To support and advertise the citizens and entities who participated in the campaign every way.



Tree planting location: Location at Tsonjin Boldog, Chinggis khan statue complex’s 212-hectare area, in Erdene administrative unit of Tuv province which is 54 km away from Ulaanbaatar city.

Implementing by: Genco Tour Bureau JCS

Implementation date: 2006-2020

Campaign tree garden areas:

  • Garden 1 for Love birds: 

This garden is made for couples and every couple should plant one tree. The garden’s romantic surroundings will blossom your love more.

  • Garden 2 for Family:

The families will plant trees in this area to dedicating it to family members. This will be your memorable and favorite place where your family spend their time together. The area will be decorated for family amenities.  At least 3 tree should be planted by one family.

  • Garden 3 for Celebration:

This garden is for friends, students of universities and schools. Whoever wants to having fun and celebrate their holidays shall come to this area.

  • Garden 4 for Corporate:

Any companies or organizations of Mongolia can have their own tree garden named after its name. In your garden you will have the opportunity to decorate it as you wish. In this garden, a company is required to plant 100 trees minimum. 

  • Garden 5 - My memory in Mongolia

This area will be for foreign tourists, citizens and embassy officials of Mongolia. 

P.S.: Name plate of the person who planted that tree will be tagged on it.