Nomadic fashion show

Many think that Mongolian fashion is just sheepskin deels & curved toe boots that often are associated with images of nomadic warriors. This assumption is not totally true as the Mongol nomads contributed greatly to the world fashion history with their beautifully adorned silk and leather costumes often worn by the Khans & their Queens, princes and princesses. Renowned travellers such as Marco Polo repeatedly noted about how well-dressed the Mongol nobles were. Also Queen Amidala’s look in the famous Star Wars films was inspired by 19th century Mongol woman’s costumes.

“Nomadic Fashion Show” jointly organised by Genco Tour Bureau and Torgo Fashion House is dedicated for reviving Mongolian traditional costumes of various eras and combining it with modern fashion, and passing the beautiful cultural heritage to the younger generations and promoting it to the world.

The fashion show is to be held at the Giant Genghis Statue Complex (1hr drive from Ulaanbaatar to the east) on 15 July 2015, and will also feature amazing traditional Mongolian musical performances and arts, as well as DJ sets. The event will start at 8.00pm and will last for 4 hours.