Tour name
Tourist 240 $, Domestic tourist -140.000MNT
2 day 1 night
  • Khamar Monastery was founded in 1820 by Danzanravjaa, a charismatic 17 year old lamaist monk of the Nyingma red hat school of Buddhism. Danzanravjaa chose the site of the monastery believing the surrounding area radiated with a spiritual energy fostered by the Gobi desert. To the north of the monastery lie a series of caves where monks would retreat and practice high levels of meditation for 108 continuous days. His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama said once: “There is true Shambala here in Mongolia and Mongolian people do not have to go to see Shambala”. It is located in Khatanbulag district, Dornogovi Province, approximately 47 km south of the provincial capital Sainshand. At its height the monastery reportedly accommodated over 80 temples and some 5000 monks. Our company offers you enjoy tour to the center of spiritual energy - Khamar Monastery, Khar Uul Mountain, doorway to Shambala, Bayasgalan’s 108 caves. In the end of April and beginning of May you could enjoy local Sakura flower blossoming.

    1 day

    Ulaanbaatar- Sainshand

    We drive to Sainshand province.

    Visit to Danzanravjaa’s museum.

    Lunch at local restaurant.

    Then drive to Tourist ger camp.

    After dinner you’ll have an opportunity to watch and take photos of the beautiful sunset of the great gobi.

    2 day

    Khamar monastery- energy center

    After breakfast we drive to Khamar monastery. On the way you can  visit Breast rock, petrified trees and 108 caves, where the monks doing their meditation.

    • At lunch time we  arrive back to the camp.
    • Then we will drive to Dornogobi provice.

    Dinner at Dornogobi province (Sainshand city) Back to Ulaanbaatar city

  • Tourist 240 $, Domestic tourist -140.000MNT

    Tour cost included

    • Ger camp overnights for 1 nights
    • All meals in itinerary
    • Transportation 4WD vehicle
    • Tour guide
    • Sightseeing entrance fee
    • National park entrance tax
    • 2 Bottles (0.5ml) water per day

    Tour cost excluded

    • Travel Insurances
    • Any additional expense not mentioned above