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2-3 PAX:1870 USD
9 days, 8 nights
  • Uvs (is one of the 21 aimags (provinces) of Mongolia. It is located in the west of the country, 1336 km away from the national capital Ulaanbaatar. Its capital is Ulaangom which lies 936m above sea level. The province is named after Mongolia's biggest lake - Uvs Lake or in Mongolian Uvs Nuur. The northeastern tip of the lake is situated in the Tuva Republic of the Russian Federation. Parts of the steppe in this province are protected as the World Heritage Site Ubsunur Hollow. In this western province of Mongolia there are various ethnic groups: Bayad , Durvud, Khalkh, Darkhad. Uvs province is famous for its beautiful snowcapped mountain Kharkhiraa of the Altai Mountains. It has an elevation of 4,040 metres (13,255 ft). In this journey you would see the beauty of snowcapped mountains, Uvs Lake, unique desert landscape scenery. Our company offers you a unique new tour that has not any analogues in any other tour companies.        

    1 day


    Arrival at Ulaanbaatar city. Check in Hotel. Then we will start city tour. Visit to Gandan monastery and National history museum.

    Traditional folklore concert.

    Overnight at 4* hotel

    2 day

    Ulaangom city

    Meet in guide and driver. Transfer to Ulaangom city. Tour in Ulaangom city. 

    Overnight at 3* hotel.

    3 day

    Uvs Nuur Lake, Buurug deliin sand dunes, Salt borehole

    Drive from Ulaangom to the west shore of Uvs nuur lake and stay overnight in UVS NUUR tourist camp. Short excursion to Buurug deliin els Mongolia’s largest sand dune (approximately 4000 square km) which is located at Zuungobi village. After short excursion and lunch drive to Uvs nuur lake’s western part and have boat journey.  Saline water of Uvs nuur lake has exceptional therapeutic treatment for body. Back to tourist camp and have a traditional food – khorkhog and boodog. Meet with local nomad family and see nomadic lifestyle.

    4 day

    Mungut tsahiriin post, Marble mountain, Rock layer, Cave of Yangir, Davst village

    Hiking at distance 500 meters through marble mountain canyon of Mungut tsahir located around Uvs nuur borderline. During hiking you would experience unique collection of marble chalk stones. From the top of canyon you would see the whole panoramic scenery of Uvs nuur lake, unique local flora and fauna. After driving from cave of Yangir to Davst villiage. Overnight in tents.

    5 day

    Kharkhira Turgenii mountain

    Next destination is to beautiful snowcapped mountains Kharkhira which is high at 3500 meters above sea level Munh tsast, Turgenii mountains. Short excursion to Khukh nuur lake. Overnight in tourist camp.

    6 day

    Ulaangom city

    Arrival to Ulaangom city overnight in 3*hotel.

    7 day


    Domestic flight to Ulaanbatar and check in Hotel.

    Shopping to cashmere shop and souvenir house.

    Overnight at hotel.

    8 day

    End of tour

    Departure from Chinggis Khan International Airport  

  • Tour cost included:

    • 4 nights stay 4*Hotel
    • 5 nights stay tourist ger*** camp
    • Kitchen equipment
    • Meals mentioned in itinerary
    • Experienced driver
    • Transportation
    • Horse driving equipment
    • All entrance fees
    • Sightseeing  fee
    • Tents
    • Tour Guide 

    Tour cost excluded:

    • International airfare and train fare
    • Travel Insurance
    • Any additional items not mentioned above and items of personal usage. 
  • Tour photo