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7 more-1870USD per person
14 days, 13 nights
  • This unique trip offers a perfect blend for those with a shared passion for yoga and exotic travel. For those who share a passion for travel and Yoga, join us for a very adventures and spiritually infused journey exploring the wonders of Mongolia.

    Tsenkher hot spring is famous Mongolian spring. Mongolia has various opportunities to spa resorts, mud bath and hot spring bath. There are 600 kinds of hot springs in Mongolia. 80% of all Mongolian hot springs have been explored. There are about 10 Mongolian hot springs which have same chemical composition as Japanese famous hot spring in Shizuoka. Tour to Mongolia`s historical places and national parks, which are delightfully set against a backdrop of awesome natural splendor. Traveler will experience nomadic lifestyle, vast beautiful steppes, deserts and forests. Drive to Karakorum, an ancient capital of Chingis Khan's Mongol Empire in 13th century. Visit nearby Erdenezuu monastery, the site of Buddhist practice and worship for over a thousand years. Explore Khustai National Park where lives wild horse Takhi, which is named after Przewalski`s horse.

    1 day


    Our team will meet you at the “Chinggis Khan” international airport and transfer to the hotel in the downtown. 

    Then visit to “Gandan tegchilen monastery, National History Museum

    Bogd Khan museum. Bogd khan is Mongolian last king palace museum.

    Traditional Folklore concert at “Tumen ekh” ensemble.

    Overnight at Bayangol****
    2 day

    Terelj National Park

    We will go to Terelj National Park.

    On the road we will see “Turtle Rock”, Aryabal monastery after we will visit nomadic family. After lunch we will Yoga session.

    Overnight stay at tourist camp. It is wonderful Place to meditation

    3 day

    Baga Gazriin Chuluu Dundgobi Province

    Morning yoga session. After breakfast drive to Baga Gazriin chuluu.

    Baga gazryn chuluuthe area is situated about 37 km northwest from the centre of Delgertsogt Soum, Dundgobi province.

    Lunch at Ger camp restaurant.

    After lunch hiking to beautiful Baga gazriin chuluu (Rock mountain)

    Dinner at Ger camp. If you are not tired we will watching stars.

    Overnight at ger camp

    4 day

    Ongi Tempel Ruin Dundgobi Province

    Morning yoga session. Breakfast
    Then we will transfer to Ongi temple. The temple is very energy place
    The monastery ruin was the largest religious center for about 300 years for more than 1000 monks. There are 2 temple ruins which were built up in 1780.
    During repression in 1930s’ these two temples destroyed and many lamas were executed and imprisoned.
    Overnight in ger camp.
    5 day

    Arvaikheer Uvurkhangai Province-Ulaantsutgalan

    Today we will wake up earlier to enjoy Morning glory looking at sunrise at Ongi monastery side you will witness the most breathtaking scenes of Gobi of Mongolia. Morning yoga session
    After breakfast transfer to Arvaikher is City of Uvurkhangai Province and lunch.
    After lunch drive to Ulaantsutgalan waterfall
    6 day

    Tuvkhun monastery

    Morning yoga session. After breakfast. We will riding horse for 2 hour to waterfall.  The Orkhon Waterfall water flows for remarkable 1120 km to the North and lies in the historically significant Orkhon Valley, UNESCO World Heritage site
    After lunch we will drive to Tuvkhun monastery. The monastery was built in 1654 by Saint Zanabazar who was a great sculptor and one of the biggest representatives of Buddhism in Mongolia. It is located on a rocky mountain hill surrounded by forests elevated in 2300 meters above sea level. In 1651, the first religious statesman Zanabazar built a small stony building. If you are not tired we will yoga session. It’s very beautiful nature and mountain. We will hike to Tuvkhun monastery 5 km

    Overnight at Tuvhun ger camp

    7 day

    Karakorum city

    Morning yoga session.  Breakfast.

    Transfer Karahorum ancient capital of Mongolia. It located 54km from Tuvkhun monastery.  Mongolia's ancient capital, Kharkhorum, Chinggis Khaan's fabled city, was founded in 1220 in Orkhon valley, at the crossroads of the Silk Road. It was land of the Mongol Empire governed, until Khubilai Khan moved it to Beijing. Lunch at Munkhtenger gar camp

    Drive to Tsenkher hot spring

    Overnight at “Tsenkher” ger camp

    8 day

    Ugii lake

    Morning Yoga session.  After breakfast transfer to beautiful Ugii lake

    Lunch at Ugii lake

    Enjoy taking pictures, relaxing or treckking by the lake shore

    Overnight at Ger camp

    9 day

    Elsen Tasarkhai

    Morning Yoga session. Breakfast at Transfer to “Tsaidam” museum. Tsaidam monument nearby, Turkish monuments and rock inscriptions erected in 9th    century in memory of outstanding fighters for independence. The world famous place for its wonderful relics of the past

    Lunch at "Bayangobi" camp

    We will ride a camel to Elsen tasarkhai sand dune

    Overnight at “Bayangobi” ger camp.

    10 day

    Khustai National park

    Morning Yoga session. 
    Early depart to the Hustai National Park and arrive in Hustai National Park by lunch time, after lunch drive to Hustai National park to see wildlife specially world only wild horse Takhi, which is take 2 hour tour and return back to camp for the dinner and night rest in ger


    11 day

    UB-Chinggis Khan statue.

    Morning yoga session.
    Breakfast drive to Ulaanbaatar.
    Lunch at “Nomads” chain restaurant. 
    After lunch drive Chinggiss Khan statue. Chinggis Khaan Statue Complex 
    •    Statue Tour
    •    World’s largest traditional boots
    •    Bronze Age Museum 
    •    Mongol Empire Museum 
    •    Documentary about creation of statue complex  
    •    Panoramic view 32 meters high at scenery from horses’ head
    Overnight at Chinggis Khan statue ger camp.


    12 day

    13th century theme park

    Morning yoga session. 
    13th Century National Park  
    •    Drive to 13th century national park. 
    •    Start of Horse Tour 
    •    Visit Relay-station camp.
    •    Visit King Palace and wear Mongolian traditional costumes 
    •    Feast like a King in the King’s Palace while enjoying traditional musical performance. 
    •    Visit Shaman camp 
    •    Visit herder’s camp and ride trial horse and camel.
    •    Visit educational camp & have the opportunity to get your name written in Mongol script as souvenir. 
    •    Visit craftsmen camp.
    •    Mini Mongolian Naadam Festival, witness & participate in the Mongolian wrestling, archery, horse racing. 
    After lunch drive to Gun Galuut Nature Reserve.
    Overnight at Gun-Galuut camp.


    13 day


    Morning yoga session. 
    Gun-Galuut is one of the most popular nature reserves of Mongolia. The Reserve is truly the marvelous combination of high mountains, colorful flowers, pretty lakes, rivers and wetlands with its famous rare species. It is a home to endangered wild Mountain sheep-Argali the Big Horns, White-napped crane, Siberian White Crane, Hooded Crane and the rare Black stork, Asian heron, Whooper swan, Swan Goose and so on. After lunch drive to Ulaanbaatar. Shopping to State Department store and cashmere shopping. 


    14 day

    Back to Home

    After breakfast departure to Airport. End of Tour. Sendoff.

  • 2-3 pax 3200USD per person

    4-6 pax 2280USD per person

    7 more-1870USD per person