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Branding colts
XIII century complex
  • Mongol nomads can not be imagined without horses. For Mongolians horse is not just a one kind of live stock, which we’re using as a transport or food, it’s something much more bigger, and closer – horses are friends for all life. Mongolians says “Was born on horse back”. Parents or older people teaching to children how to ride a horse, how to be a good horse herder, to love and respect horses, when they are still babies 3 or 4 years old. That’s why for Mongols most respectable animal is horse.

    In the mid of autumn (September- October) nomads celebrating a ceremony of ”Branding colts”. The day of Branding colts is very important for us. Horse herders choosing a good day and good time to make this ceremony, according the lunar calendar. This day horse herder stamping their foals, inviting relatives, friends, neighbors and making an airag feast. During the feast everyone have to drink at least three big bowls (2-3 liters) of airag, and sing a song. At the end of feast, Mongolians playing a game called “Dembe”. This game for two person, each side trying to guess right sum of fingers, which both shows to each other. Loser have to drink a bowl of airag. It can continue many hours until one of sides will say “enough”.

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