Event name
Camel festival
Bulgan town, Umnugobi province
  • This festival is held in Bulgan town,  Umnugobi province. Once travelers arrive in this province, it is only a short days trip to the sights of the Gobi Desert’s Flaming Cliffs and dinosaur fossils place, the Yolyn Am ice canyon, and the Singing Dune.
    Mongolian two- humped Bactrian camel is nicknamed by local people Gobi ship. It inhabits the Gobi desert in the southern part of Mongolia. Camels still carry a large portion of the freight in this road less country, as well as GER (yurt) of the nomadic people when they move from place to place. Because the camel is an inseparable part of life for nomadic Mongolians, it has become a tradition in Mongolia to organize a Camel Festival every year in honor of this h2 and beautiful animal. A local association of camel herders organizes this gathering of camels and their breeders each year to promote continued breeding of the Bactrian camel and to educate both Mongolians and foreigners on the importance of the camel in the Mongolian way of life. Camels and riders compete in a race, in camel polo tournaments, and even in a camel “beauty contest” where owners display the finest saddles and rigging for their camels.

  • TOUR CODE: GTB– 15/22

    CATEGORY: Event

    DURATION: 6 days, 5 nights

    DISTANCE: By car 350km, Flight 1200km

    AVAILABLE: March  

    ACCOMMODATION: Hotel and ger camp

    RATE: 2 -3 pax-1730 USD per person,

                4-6 pax- 1100 USD per person

    7-9 pax-1030  USD per person

    MAIN DESTINATIONS: Dalanzadgad city-  Bulgan soum- Gobi Gurvan saikhan National Park- Yol valley -Ulaanbaatar

    Address: Bayangol hotel, Office-1, Sukhbaatar district, Chinggis Avenue-5, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

    Contact info: 7012-0202, 9322-9323 Факс: 321705

    И-Мэил :     info@genco-tour.mn