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Eagle Tour
Ulaanbaatar –Khovd city – Bayanulgii province – Ulgii city
  •   Traveling with us you will experience unforgettable adventure at charming snow-capped highest mountain of Mongolia and to see a diversity of the ethnic groups. Our main destination is Golden eagle festival celebrating it in Bayan Ulgii province an every year. The Bayan -ulgii province is located 1600km away from Ulaanbaatar city and 90% of the total population is Khazakh. The culture of the Kazakh majority is strongly influenced by Islamic traditions. They have own traditional culture and life style.  The aimag is famous for the traditional hunting method using trained eagles. The captive eagles work in a similar way as hunting falcons do. Local herders use a falcon as a hunter.

      The Golden Eagle Festival has been the largest gathering of eagle hunters and their eagles in the world since it started in 1999 with 70 eagle hunters participating in this event. It is recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Cultural Event. The festival starts with display of eagles and hunters, and then goes into the events of eagles displaying their talents. The first event is the eagle catching fox skin dragged behind a horse, returning to their owner from a distance on command, as well as a camel race and Kazakh games of Tiyn Teru (a race to pick up a coin on the ground while on horseback), Kyz Kuar (“girl chase,” a man and woman race on horseback while the woman whips the man), and Kokpar (tug of war over a goat carcass while on horseback). On the evening of the first night is a concert of traditional Kazakh music at the theatre included in the price of a ticket. 


  • TOUR CODE: EFT – 15/24

    CATEGORY: Adventure tour


    DISTANCE: 510 km by car, 3 hours by plane

    AVAILABLE: 01.Oct – 07. Oct 


    RATE:   2pax- 1948 USD per person, 4pax-1575 USD per person,

                 6pax-1348 USD per person, 10 more pax – 1218USD per person


    • Ulaanbaatar –Khovd city – Bayanulgii province – Ulgii city
    • Bugat soum: Eagle festival 
    • National Museum of Mongolia – Chinggis Khaan square – Gandan tegchilen monastery