Event name
Shamanic Fire Ceremony
XIII century complex
  • “Shamanic Fire Ceremony” is Mongolian shaman’s biggest ritual ceremony, Mongolian worshippers from ancient time worship to Eternal Blue Sky Tengri, heaven and spirits. The Shamans from different clans all over Mongolia gather around the bon fire under the blue sky to perform the ritual worship the Mother Nature and Gods, aiming for one common deed.

    Also you will enjoy 13th century park lifestyles and cultural impacts of Mongolia.



  • Things that worshiper should prepare: Offer to Shaman

    Children 0-5 free, 6-11 years 50% discount

    Note: Person who wants to participate in ceremony, buy tickets from the main office.


    Address: Bayangol hotel, Office-1, Sukhbaatar district, Chinggis Avenue-5, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

    Contact info: 7012-0202, 9322-9323 Факс: 321705

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